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Qualified Retirement Planning

Our practice focuses on driving participant outcomes by working directly with participants. We’re firm believers that saving for retirement is a contact sport, which is why our practice is built around these three foundational principles.

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Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an important investment into the growth of a business. Attracting and retaining talent is often critical to an organization’s success, and balancing plan design and plan costs is an increasing challenge in an ever-changing landscape.

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Non-Qualified Planning

Non-qualified benefits are for owners and key employees. As the owner of a closely held business, you may already offer (and participate in) a qualified retirement plan such as a SEP, Simple or 401(k). If so, you're well aware that, while qualified plans offer significant tax advantages and meaningful benefits, there are rules governing contribution limits, minimum distributions, early withdrawals and minimum vesting amounts.

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Risk Management

Business are subject to internal and external risks regularly. Going through a routine exercise of assessing risks and refining decisions should be a standard practice. One approach begins with categorizing primary risks, and then developing internal systems, policies and procedures to control.

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Succession Planning

Whether it's a few years from now or decades away, there will come a day when you will leave your business. To ensure your business passes successfully to its next owner, it's important to begin planning now. The best plan may be one that occurs over multiple years.

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